The Small Business Owner’s Go-To Content Marketing Strategy

The Small Business Owner's Go-To Content Marketing Strategy

Let me first jump out there and say – Content is still KING! Content is the very backbone of effective advertising. If you want to excel in Facebook Marketing, you need a winning content strategy.

Let me quickly define what content really is. It’s a video, a blog post, a podcast episode, pdf download, etc. that’s designed to solve a problem for your ideal customer. It doesn’t matter how dramatic the problem is, it just needs to help or be valuable in some way to your audience.

If it’s not, nobody’s going to care. Harsh… but true.

Know Your Customer

The very first step in your content strategy, then, is to get to know EVERYTHING about your ideal customer. In your research you want to know things like:

  • What they like
  • What they hate
  • Where they hang out (in real life and online)
  • What their habits are (good and bad)
  • What are their fears and struggles
  • What are their hopes and dreams

Get the point? The more you know, the more you can effectively help them.

And helping them is your ULTIMATE goal and is why you went into business in the first place – not just to make money. Or at least I hope it is.

If you’re in real estate, you went into business to “help” people buy and sell homes.
If you’re a financial adviser, you went into business to “help” people invest their money wisely.
If you’re an orthodontist, you went into business to “help” people have a healthy and winning smile.
If you’re a gym owner, you went into business to “help” people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Become a Problem Solver

Once you understand their problems, your mission is to create content that serves to solve their problem. You’re the expert, right? It’s time to prove it.

For example, if you were a real estate agent, you could create a simple checklist to first first-time homebuyers find downpayment assistance funds. This would be extremely valuable if your ideal customer was a first time home buyer.

Like I said, your content can be delivered in a number of different ways. And that really depends on a few things like your personality and skill level and your customer’s preferred way of learning. The thing to remember is keep it SIMPLE and FREE.

And by free, I don’t just mean merely monetarily. I mean, no exchange of information like email addresses to get your content. FREE. Totally free.

This level of content is extremely important, because it builds trust and creates your authority as an expert. When you WOW them with free, it’s time to move to the next level.

Pro Tip: Be sure to install your Facebook Pixel on your website. This piece of code will track everyone who goes to your site and engages with your content. Later you can use the Pixel to target those individuals with your Facebook ads.

Learn more about The Facebook Pixel Here: 3 Tools to Maximize your Lead Generating Power

Create Your Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something valuable you create and offer to your audience in exchange for their contact information – usually name and email address.

Your lead magnet should be something your audience needs or wants. You can find this out by looking at your top performing blog posts or podcast episodes, or go to your Google Analytics to see your highest viewed pages.

Your lead magnet can come in many forms such as a checklist, a printable, a video series, a webinar, a case study, a strategy call, or even a free trial. You can even create a challenge series and deliver a daily email lesson for a specified number of days.

Once you create your Freebie, you need to deliver it using a landing page – also called a squeeze page. This is simply a page or pop-up that’s dedicated SOLELY to your offer with absolutely NO distractions like buttons or links. Well, except for the opt-in button, that is.

Here are a few examples of landing pages in different industries offering different lead magnet types:

High converting landing pages

landing page example 2

Email Marketing Strategy

Remember, those emails we asked for on your landing page? We need those now!

You’re going to have your landing page form automatically synced to your email autoresponder service like ConvertKit, MailChimp, or ActiveCampaign. When someone opts into your Freebie, they’ll automatically be added to your follow up email sequence.

In this sequence, you’ll be delivering more valuable content and allowing your new subscriber to get to know your personality even more. Treat this person like a VIP… because they are.

As a business owner and marketer, your email list is one of your most valuable assets. And like Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula says, your email list is your license to print money!

Your list is so powerful because they are your direct line to connect with, survey your ideas, offer your discounts, and sell your products and services.

If you do it right, by emailing them AT LEAST once per week, your list will be happy, engaged, and informed. Your list won’t be turned off by more frequent emails, as long as you’re delivering great content. In fact, if you email too infrequently disconnect and possibly even forget who you are.

This is a simple and complete content marketing strategy for small business owners who really want and need to be spending their time – RUNNING THEIR BUSINESS. Unless you’re an online marketer who does this kind of thing for a living, you don’t have time for unless content sales funnels.

This model will work well to bring you a steady stream of engaged customers into your sales funnel. Now, it’s time to do what you do best and take care of your new customers!

Maybe you see the value of going deeper and adding more layers to your marketing process. That’s great and the sky’s the limit! Let us know how we can help! And let us do what we do best FOR YOU.

Why All Small Businesses Should be Using Facebook Ads

Why All Small Businesses Should be Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are quickly outperforming all other means of advertising for small businesses. If you’re a business owner, you should be using Facebook ads. Think about it, if Coca Cola, Ford Motors, and Nike are using Facebook ads – what aren’t you?

The reason they’re so powerful is they allow you to do so much more than was EVER possible before in advertising. Imagine a highway billboard advertising a nearby surf shop. Think of how many millions of cars drive by that advertisement every month who would NEVER be even remotely interested in ANYTHING related to surfing .

It’s really a waste in high cost advertising dollars! The same is true for other forms of print and television advertising. You’re simply putting your message out there in front of the masses and hoping the RIGHT people see it.

What if there was a way to display your ads with laser-focused accuracy?

There is!

That’s what Facebook allows you to do – get your ad in from of ONLY those individuals who are most likely to be interested in your business. And the best part is, Facebook ads are extremely affordable in comparison to other more traditional forms of marketing. So, that’s a win, win in my book.

How Facebook Ads Work

Before I get started on how Facebook ads actually work, I want to talk briefly about Content Strategy. An ad is basically showcasing your content. Your content is how you strategically share your businesses services, products, or brand message. It will most effectively come in the form of a blog post, podcast episode, video tutorial, or pdf download.

In short, your ad will only ever be as good as your content. So, make sure you take the time to craft valuable, problem-solving content. Only then will your ads have a chance to survive.

Now that we got that out the way, let’s talk about how you’ll actually deliver your stellar content through Facebook ads.

The first thing that needs to be done is gathering data. You must above all things – understand in great detail who your ideal customer really is.

There’s no rapid formula to Facebook ads… you’ve got to put in the work. When you first start running ads, you’re essentially buying data and doing research. You’re trying to see how the market responds to your message and who is responding.

The Power of Facebook Targeting

This is called targeting. And the secret to targeting is, the more you know about your audience, the better you can target them. And you’re looking for winners which are groups of individuals who are most interested in your business and what you’re offering.

The foundation of Facebook targeting is Audience Building. When you build your Facebook Audience, you’re creating that group of individuals we talked about that are statistically more inclined to be interested in your ads.

There are 3 distinct Facebook Audience types – Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Saved Audiences.

Read More about Facebook Audiences here: 3 Tools to Give Your Facebook Ads More Lead Generating Power

Once you begin targeting your ideal customers using Facebook’s Audiences and the Facebook Pixel, you can take your targeting one step further with Re-targeting.

It’s kind of like the whipped cream on top of a chocolate covered sundae. When someone engages with your ad – usually with an ad targeting cold traffic – they will then be shown more ads later on that are more geared toward your warm traffic.

That’s the secret to 10xing your marketing game.

Know Your Traffic Sources

Where most small business owners get it wrong, is they unknowingly target the wrong traffic sources at the wrong time. There are 3 layers or categories of traffic – cold, warm, and HOT.

Cold Traffic

Your cold traffic (those who don’t know you or your brand) should only see ads that showcase your brand’s message. You’re only trying to warm them up and wet their appetite for what you have to offer. When they engage with one of your ads, they become warm traffic.

This doesn’t mean you can’t share your content with cold traffic. In the example below from Digital Marketer, they shared content to their cold traffic. The only distinction is to add more content in the actual ad to gain trust and show value before they even click to your actual content.

Facebook ad to cold traffic

Warm Traffic

Your warm traffic will receive your content – your helpful articles, tutorials tips and tricks. By now, you can present your ad with less copy in the actual ad. They are getting to know you, and already trust that you will deliver the goods.

Warm Traffic for Facebook Ads

When someone engages with your warm ads, they become your hot traffic. And they are what you want ALL your audience to become!

Hot Traffic

These are the people who are most ready and interested to buy from you, hire you, or work with you. This is the group you’ll want to show your offer ads to.

Hot Traffic for Facebook Ads


These are the ads that showcase your services and products – the big guns. Maybe you have a one-time discount code to entice them to make their first purchase or a brand new course that’s perfect for your audience.

Now you see how amazing Facebook ads can be for your business. If you’re not running ads yet… what are you waiting for?

You’re leaving boat-loads of leads and money on the table!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I’ll jump right on and answer them for you.

9 Simple Strategies to Win More Real Estate Leads on Facebook

Are you easy to find on social media? Or are you Facebook’s best kept secret? If you can’t be found on today’s biggest social platforms, you’re losing out on business – guaranteed.

Facebook search is on the rise at 2 billion searches per day – up from 1.5 last year. (Buffer)

That’s right on the heals of the 3.5 billion searches per day for Google. This means people today are searching for everything online. And they’re no longer just Googling everything. Now people are searching right in Facebook.

If you don’t have a presence in Facebook, you’re missing out. Not only on the fun of interacting with your clients, but on getting the real estate leads you need to grow your business.

Real estate is a great business that’s perfectly suited for social media. It isn’t super complicated and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are 9 simple marketing ideas to get more real estate clients on Facebook.

1. Make Sharing Your Content Incredibly Easy

When people find your gorgeous listing, super helpful blog post, or practical tip; you don’t want them scratching their head to figure out how to share it with their followers. Using tools like social warfare will help your fans share all your awesomeness with their fans with a simple click.

This is a no-brainer for getting you FREE advertising for your real estate business! If you make people work too hard – it will almost NEVER happen. So, help others help you.

2. Shout-Out Your Services

If your company or team has standout services, tell your followers on your business page. And don’t hesitate to share realtime reviews and testimonials of those services too. If you’re doing a great job serving your current customers and community – you have an obligation to let everyone know about it.

Think about it, there are too many people being underserved by the real estate and lending professionals they’ve hired. And that’s unfortunate. Especially, when you’re ready and willing to help them with all your excellence and experience.

3. Use Professional Photos in your Listings

This is a BIG one. Using poorly lit and grainy photos in your listing is a sign you’re not a pro in this business. People are extremely visual and even more so today! If hiring a professional photographer seems too expensive, think of all the commissions you’re leaving on the table with your bad listing photos.

If you’re still feeling the pinch with the thought of outsourcing your photography needs, you can invest in some decent lighting and a camera and do it yourself. With the right lighting, you can even use a great smart phone to take professional looking listing photos.

4. Celebrate Milestones

Social proof is a powerful concept when marketing your business on social media. Social proof is when you allow your fans to see how you interact and are received by your customers and other fans. If people see you’re liked by others, chances are they’re more likely to like you too!

When you receive testimonials from clients or you complete the sales process with a customer – share it. Completing the sales process in your case is helping someone buy or sell their home. Taking a photo or selfie to share in their experience is a great way to show new customers you mean business.

5. Become an Authority

Position yourself and your brand as an authority by sharing your expertise in blog posts, webinars, helpful tips, and even doing a live video. Each tip doesn’t need to be lengthy or complicated. In fact, the easier to understand and consume the better.

Consistency is also key. The more you offer helpful advice to your followers, the more they will come to expect and appreciate it.

6. Stay Relevant Through the Buying Process – And After

To stay relevant means to provide information and insight on matters that are important to your customers NOW – no matter where they are in the buying process. This involves knowing exactly where your client is. For example, if your customer is in the pre-approval stage you’ll obviously be sending emails pertaining to everything they’ll need to know about getting pre-approved.

That’s pretty obvious, but where many realtors lose their past clients and referral business is in the information you share after the closing. Staying connected and providing value to your will keep you “top of mind.” And that’s the key to getting repeat and referral business.

7. Use the Power of Video

Video is exploding online and is the most popular form of media consumed today. So why not capitalize on it for your business? There are two types of video you can use: recorded video and live video. Both have their place in getting you more leads.

Recorded videos are effective in sharing tips and other evergreen information. You can add text overlays and music to give your videos polish. These are great for building your authority, as they are searchable for years to come and will drive traffic back to your website.

Live videos are extremely beneficial for showing your personality and sharing current and real-time information. Facebook also shows preference to their live videos, therefore, sharing them to more people. And that’s down right awesome.

8. Use a Facebook Cover Video

Facebook now offers a new feature to have a video automatically play when someone lands on your business page instead of your usual static image. This is unique and immediately grabs attention. And if your video is compelling – will keep that attention.

9. Create a Facebook Group

Facebook now allows you to link your business page to Facebook Groups you create. This allows you the ability to offer even more personalized services to your clients. Ideally, clients would be able to post in the group and help each other through the buying or selling process. This is community and social proof at its finest.

No matter what methods you decide to try, remember that it’s never about you. It’s ALWAYS about them. Keep that in mind before you post anything on social media.

What methods other methods have worked for you? Share in the comments below.