Facebook ads aren't just for those “in the know” about online marketing. Get 3 powerful tools to give your Facebook ads campaign more lead generating power!

3 Tools to Give Your Facebook Ads More Lead Generating Power

Facebook has proven itself to be a standout platform to help businesses, marketers, bloggers, and basically anyone with a message, service, or product – to get more LEADS. And not just more leads, but targeted leads. Facebook ads are no longer just for those “in the know” about online marketing. They are for everyone who wants to find their customers. And chances are with Facebook’s users in the Billions – your customer is on Facebook!

So how do you find them?

By implementing a marketing strategy that speaks directly to who your customer is at their core, solving their pain points, and becoming a trusted resource.

Oh, and crafting ads that sneak into their feeds like a helpful little ninjas sent to make their lives easier, better, or whatever you are delivering them!

The following tools will help you create these ninja ads and if you do it right – will bring you tons of happy leads in return.

Facebook Pixel


Facebook Pixel

This tool really puts the ninja in your Facebook ads campaign. It’s basically a piece of JavaScript code that tracks specific actions online.

Have you ever searched for something online, like the latest SUV you’ve been dreaming about – only to find that same SUV stalking you in ads everywhere else you went online after that?

Creepy huh?

That was Pixels in action. And you’ll be able to gently “remind” users that there was a good reason they previously visited your website, clicked on one of your blog posts or ads, or even purchased something from you in the past.

We live in a crazy, busy world and honestly no matter how much someone loves what you offer, they oftentimes simply forget about you. I know, that hurts!

But Facebook Pixel will help them remember!

When you install Pixels on your website, it allows you to do a few things. First, you can retarget people who visit your website. These individuals are perfect to show an ad explaining your services because they’ve already shown an interest.

It doesn’t stop there. Let’s say for example you have an opt-in form you’ve crafted with an offer to get your customer’s information. You can place a Pixel on your opt-in form’s thank you page which will fire whenever someone successfully fills out your form.

This is where it gets good… Facebook then analyzes that person and all their online behaviors and uses it’s algorithms to find other people just like the one who filled out your form. Then shows them your ad! Genius, right?

To get a step by step guide to starting with Facebook Pixel check out this complete guide.

Lookalike Audiences


Create Facebook Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience allows you to find more people on Facebook that share common traits with optimizations that have worked for you in the past. That means it will find users that are similar in their likes and behaviors to your current customers.

You can create a lookalike audience by uploading your current email list and any other demographics into Facebook to find your new audience.

You can also use Pixels to track new users based on specific actions as mentioned above.

To work, your source audience needs a minimum of 100 people from one single county. Once you have that, you can start creating your lookalike audiences. You just need to give 3 to 7 days for Facebook’s algorithms to find your new audience based on the information you provided.

Here are 4 creative ways to build your own lookalike audience.

Custom Audiences


Create Custom Facebook Audiences

You can also create a custom audience by uploading key customer information such as your email list via a CSV file right into Facebook.

This information (the more the better) will allow you to retarget people who’ve already signed up for your email list but maybe haven’t bought from you yet or set an appointment to meet with you.

If someone’s already familiar with you and took action on an offer you made, they’re more likely to do it again. This is called warm traffic.

Pro Tip: This is where you can create a new ad campaign designed only for your warm traffic. One that allows them to go beyond the first step and move up your offer ladder.

As you can see, Facebook provides many ways to create magnetic audiences who are primed for what you have to offer. Ready to get started?

Are you using any of these tools for your Facebook marketing? What has your experience been? Share in the comments below!

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